Fifth Third Bank's Online Bill Payment

Fifth Third Bank's Online Bill Payment puts real muscle behind every mouse click, from Setup, to Bill Management, to Account Maintenance. It's safe and secure.

Setup Assistant
The Setup Assistant helps you quickly set up your account so you can pay multiple bills from one place. First, you'll create a list of your payees. It's easy: Populate your list by selecting from our list of common and available payees in your geographic area. If a payee doesn't appear in our list, you can easily add a new person or business to pay.

Manage Your Payees
This convenient, at-a-glance view of information reminds you when bills need to be paid. This feature helps you prevent late payments by alerting you to the number of days before a bill is due. The Manage Your Payees section also interacts with the Payment Area to initiate payments, provide easy access to e-bill setup and statements, and more.

Instead of receiving paper bills every month, you can set up your account to receive an electronic statement directly from participating payees.

Automated Payments
Our convenient Auto-pay feature allows you to set up automated payments to help make sure your bills are paid on time. Auto-pay is perfect for e-bills, or for regular-interval payments such as a mortgage or car payment.

Manual Payments
Bills also can be paid manually, without the help of the Auto-pay feature. Each time you want to make a payment, simply enter the payment information manually.

Bill Management
Online Bill Payment allows you to easily manage your payments records. Bill summaries and transactional information are available online for 24 months from the date your bill is posted to Online Bill Payment. You can view bills at a summary level or at a detailed transactional level.

Balance Worksheet
This budgeting tool allows you to view your account balances against pending and scheduled payments. As you pay bills, it can help you keep track of what's left in your account. It also provides easy access to modify or cancel scheduled payments.

Receive automatic alerts that keep you up to date on activities taking place through Online Bill Payment. Alerts features include:

  • Confirmation when a new payee is added
  • Notification when payee information is changed or edited
  • Warning that the account you made the payment from is blocked, and notification when it has become unblocked
  • Notification when a payment has been rejected

Payment Reminder
For payments that you initiate on your own, Online Bill Payment can send you payment reminders to help you pay bills on time.

Customized reports can help you analyze spending habits and research payment dates. Select the search criteria—such as payee category or bill payment status—that meet your needs. Then click Generate Reports, and the information will appear on your Payment History page.

Personal notes are reminders you can add to any payment or filed item. Common uses for a personal note include reminders about why a payment was made, why the entire amount was not paid, or if there is a dispute with the payee. Personal notes can only be seen by you.

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