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Get an inside look at the Fifth Third Bank Operations Center, including information on our Wholesale Lockbox Network Services.
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Accelerate payment posting and collection, and improve your receivables process with our customizable Wholesale Lockbox.

Our experienced team will work with you develop a customized processing system that can streamline customer payments and help turn them into working capital faster.

Take advantage of our advanced technology to automate payment posting and accelerate funds availability.

We are responding to the USPS network consolidation with a processing model that can speed the accounts receivable process. Our comprehensive lockbox services are available from multiple lockbox sites across the country for your business-to-business payments.

How Wholesale Lockbox Network works:

  1. You direct payments to a unique Wholesale Lockbox address for Fifth Third Bank.
  2. Your mail is continuously retrieved and processed in an expedited manner.
  3. We process payments according to your specific instructions.
  4. The critical receivables information that you decide you need most is captured and transmitted daily with a detailed audit trail.
  5. The images of checks, remittances, and correspondence can be retrieved quickly and conveniently through our online portal, Fifth Third DirectSM.

Deposit and credit products provided by Fifth Third Bank, Member FDIC.

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