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About Our New Accounts

Our new checking solutions have been developed in response to the ever-changing needs of our customers.

As the owner of a business, you understand how important it is to listen closely to what your customers want, provide them with the best solutions possible and stay committed to serving them over the long haul. At Fifth Third Bank, we understand this too. That’s why we have created a new range of business checking account solutions with your unique, ever-changing needs in mind – whether you’re a start-up business or growing company.

We have created a comprehensive web page that gives you full details on Fifth Third's new business checking accounts. Click on the following link to learn more about your new options and their many features.

Monthly Service Charges/Fees

Our customers have told us they prefer one clear, up-front charge that can be easily waived, and fewer per-transaction or extra charges.

The majority of our customers may qualify for a waived fee based on their average balance, other products held with Fifth Third, their non-profit status, and other considerations. If you do not qualify for a waived fee, your monthly service charge covers our cost to maintain the account when it's being used or when there are no other account relationships.

When we asked our customers about account pricing, the most compelling comments we received were requests to eliminate surprises. The majority of customers understood and appreciated why banks charge for account maintenance. We have worked closely with customers to align our service charges based on value. One standard monthly service charge will provide you with an equitable number of transactions and deposits, and the opportunity to earn out of the monthly service charge as you expand your relationship with us.

Every one of our new business checking accounts offers a variety of ways for the monthly service charge to be waived. In general, the more you have with us, the easier it is to waive monthly service charges. You can go to our dedicated web page to learn more — — or you can call 1-877-534-2264 for personal assistance.

Please call 1-877-534-2264 to discuss your specific situation. We’ll work together to identify possible solutions that may help.

If I Switch My Current Account...

No. Making the transition to your new account is easy – your account number will stay the same.

No. We made switching simple by keeping your existing routing number and transit number the same.

You do not need to order new checks. Since your account number and routing number have not changed, you can continue to use your existing checks.

Because you’ll be using the same account and routing numbers, any change to your account type will not affect your current direct deposits, automatic transactions, automatic payments, or automatic transfers.

No, there will not be any changes in the account alerts you have already set up. They will continue to work as they do today.

Yes, you can continue to access your accounts just as you did before changing your account type.

No, your Online Banking password will remain the same.

Your Fifth Third loans and lines of credit will not be affected by your checking account change. In fact, you may qualify to receive additional checking benefits as a result of having your loans, lines of credit, and checking accounts all with us.

Yes, the delivery of your checking account statement will remain the same as today.

Yes, if you currently receive cancelled checks with your mailed statement, this will continue without any change.

Account Information – Access and Features

We feel that the changes that go along with our new business checking options are a step in the right direction toward providing you with more transparency.

Additionally, we recently introduced a new simplified disclosure form detailing pricing and key terms associated with Fifth Third checking accounts. The new disclosure form allows customers to quickly identify key account terms, including the monthly service charge and ways to waive that charge. The form provides a clear and concise summary about Fifth Third's overdraft calculation and funds availability policy.

Our new business checking accounts are simpler in design and include built-in benefits, such as identity theft protection, that customers have told us they value. Additionally the move from multiple checking products to three simplified options helps to make our accounts easier for you to understand and easier for us to sell and service.

We have a comprehensive account explanation and comparison chart that will give you in-depth information about the new business checking accounts. Click here to view the comparison chart.

Visit and enter your user ID and password to access all your account information.

Changing Your Account

Yes, visit this link to learn more. Answer a few brief questions and an account will be recommended for you that delivers the best value based on your banking needs.

You can change your account at any time and we are happy to help. Call 1-877-534-2264 or visit any Fifth Third Banking Center for assistance.