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Dear Friends,

The communities we serve inspire us to be good corporate citizens. For The curious bank, that means actively and intently listening to the challenges communities face and identifying ways that our Company can help make a difference. We relish the opportunity to create innovative solutions to common problems.

Thank you for taking the time to read our 2013 Corporate Social Responsibility Report: Igniting Curiosity. We hope you will gain a greater understanding about Fifth Third’s values and appreciate that corporate social responsibility is a way of life at our Company that reverberates throughout our industry.

Our groundbreaking, industry-first homeowner re-employment initiative illustrates one such outcome. Helping distressed mortgage customers find jobs was an unusual way to go about helping people avoid foreclosure, but it’s proven to be a successful, life-changing approach that has now been adopted by other banks.

We’ve also taken typical products like credit and debit cards to a new level by linking them with a national non-profit organization dedicated to fighting cancer. We have thus enabled our cardholders to help accelerate cancer therapies with every card swipe.

Our employees embody our values with their volunteerism. Each May, we celebrate the calendar date of 5/3 as our special Fifth Third Day holiday. We acknowledge our employees’ contributions to our Company that day, and we pay our success forward with special outreach to feed our country’s hungry. We also take Veterans Day, a typical holiday for Bank employees, and, on a volunteer basis, make it a day “on” instead of a day “off” to raise funds, support and commemorate active duty U.S. military, veterans and their families.

Our Company also kindles the success of long-standing and tried-and-true initiatives that combine our financial and human capital to support five inter-related groups: Consumers, Communities, Businesses, Employees and the Environment. From all corners of our Company, we seek to act in socially responsible ways and be catalysts for positive change.


Kevin T. Kabat

Kevin T. Kabat, President & CEO
Kevin T. Kabat
Vice Chairman & CEO
Fifth Third Bancorp