Quicken & QuickBooks

Quicken® & QuickBooks® are personal financial management (PFM) software products that allow you to manage your accounts on your personal computer. Now you can immediately update your files and download transactions by connecting directly to your Fifth Third accounts.

Please Note: Quicken/QuickBooks versions 2010 and prior are not supported by Quicken or Fifth Third. When using a version older than 2011, you may experience issues with the software.

You have several options for integrating your Fifth Third accounts with your PFM software.

  • QIF Download
    This is a file format used by older versions of PFM software. You can export your account information as a .QIF file and then import it into your PFM software. More Information
  • Web Connect / Active Statements
    With Web Connect for Quicken, you can automatically update account information in your PFM software by going to your Fifth Third Internet Banking and Bill Payment account summary, clicking Export and then Download to Quicken. More Information
  • Direct Connect
    Direct Connect allows you to connect directly into Fifth Third's Internet Banking and Bill Payment system from Quicken or QuickBooks.

Direct Connect Account Setup

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