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Personal Lines of Credit & Loans

Choose from secured or unsecured

Fifth Third Bank offers a suite of secured and unsecured loan products that provide fast and easy access to funds when you need them. Use the funds to consolidate bills, fund unexpected expenses, or make large purchases.

  • With a Savings & Investment Secured Flexline or Loan6, you can continue to earn on assets and borrow funds at a low rate.
  • With an Unsecured Flexline or Signature Loan, you can borrow funds without pledging collateral.

Personal Line of Credit
(Secured or Unsecured Flexline)
Personal Installment Loan
(Secured or Unsecured Loan)
Type Line of credit you can draw against as the need arises Installment loan with a fixed term
Collateral Savings, CD, investments, unsecured Savings, CD, investments, unsecured
Rate Variable rate Fixed rate
Monthly Payment Variable, based on the outstanding balance2 Fixed, based on initial disbursement
Access to Funds As needed, by check, online transfer or visit a banking center One-time, lump sum
How to use Meet ongoing borrowing needs, manage cash flow, consolidate bills Meet one-time borrowing need, consolidate high-interest rate balances

Relationship Benefits

  • Receive a 0.25% rate discount when payments are automatically deducted from a Fifth Third checking account using Auto BillPayer and an additional 0.25% rate discount with a Preferred or Enhanced Fifth Third checking account.
  • No monthly service charge on the Fifth Third Established Checking account when you have a Fifth Third personal mortgage, auto loan, or line of credit with an outstanding balance.7

How Much Will My Loan Payments Be?