Shop, Swipe and Save with Prewards®

Prewards is a great way to automatically save money at places you already shop when you use your Fifth Third Bank debit card*. No more coupons to cut out. No more redemption codes to remember. Just cash in your pocket.

Important Notice: Effective March 2, 2015, credit card accounts will no longer receive Prewards offers.

Visit, fill out the required information to register your debit card, and set up your FREE Prewards account.

You can opt-in to receive weekly updates on your current Prewards via e-mail and text message1. You can also view your Prewards anytime by logging in and viewing your Account Dashboard at

Use your registered debit card at participating retailers and, if you opt-in, we'll send you an e-mail and text message1 confirming your Preward has been redeemed.

A credit will automatically appear on your account once the transaction has been processed - usually within 7-10 days. You can also view your Prewards used, available savings, and savings history by logging in to your Account Dashboard at

Stay Connected

Account Dashboard

Once you've signed up, is a one-stop-shop to manage your Prewards account, from seeing available Prewards and how much you've saved to date, to changing your account settings and setting Prewards alerts.

Text and e-Mail Alerts

With Prewards, you can opt-in to receive e-mails and text messages1 when new Prewards are available or when a Preward has been redeemed.

*The Prewards program is not available for credit card accounts.

  1. Text messaging charges may apply. Contact your mobile service provider for details.

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edo Interactive administers the Prewards program on behalf of Fifth Third Bank.