Secure Communications

In addition to securing our systems and the information that flows into and out of them, Fifth Third understands the need to communicate with our clients in a secure manner.

Fifth Third will NEVER send you an e-mail asking you to click a link to verify or supply personal information, such as:

  • User IDs
  • Passwords
  • Social Security Numbers
  • Credit Card Security Code (CVV)
  • Mother's maiden name or other user-defined challenge information (e.g., place of birth, etc.)
ID Theft Protection

If you are unsure about an e-mail or a Web site that appears to be from Fifth Third, take the following precautions:

  • Type our Web site address ( into your browser to visit our Web site instead of relying on links in e-mails or an entry in your Favorites.
  • Double click on the lock at the bottom of the page to verify that the security certificate is listed as being issued to "" Fifth Third is committed to providing a secure online banking experience. Our Web site is certified by the VeriSign Secure Site Program.