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Remote Currency Manager

Learn more about how Fifth Third Bank Remote Currency Manager simplifies currency management and cash handling, and helps enhance security.

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Want provisional credit for cash deposits within 24 hours—without even going to the bank? Check out Fifth Third Bank’s RCM—Remote Currency Manager—an innovative, end-to-end remote cash management solution that can help give you credit for your cash fast.

With RCM, we help you maximize your cash flow while boosting your control over cash handling. You get operational efficiency, consulting, and remote payment processing technology—provided in conjunction with a bank-approved armored courier.

How Remote Currency Manager works:

  1. A Fifth Third Bank team visits your operating environment and helps you analyze your business and create your optimal RCM strategy.
  2. Once your business analysis is complete, implementation might include setting up the transportation schedule with the armored courier service and the delivery of your smart safe(s).
  3. Employees feed currency into the safe’s note reader throughout their shift.
  4. The note reader verifies the currency and tracks the deposit by employee and day totals—decreasing the deposit preparation process.
  5. Deposit information is automatically relayed to Fifth Third Bank, where your account is given a provisional credit for funds.
  6. The armored courier services the smart safe on schedule and reconciles the deposit information.

The end result: Remote Currency Manager provides you with daily provisional credit, delivering faster access to working capital—even while the cash is still in the safe.

For this comprehensive currency management solution, Fifth Third Bank provides personalized consultants and a Relationship Manager for superior support and customer care. Our consultants bring firsthand understanding—thanks to decades of retail operations experience. Our whole team is committed to helping your entire work process run more smoothly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

You can count on:

  • Optimized cash-handling process—customized for your business needs
  • Dedicated customer support and service
  • Enhanced security and reduced risk
  • Web-based information reporting for cash flow monitoring—so you can adapt order details based on needs and location

Deposit and credit products provided by Fifth Third Bank, Member FDIC.

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