Fifth Third Bank


Doing business internationally can present unique challenges. Questions surround every decision. How can I collect funds from companies in other countries? What are my international trade financing options? How can I easily exchange foreign currency?

Fifth Third Bank combines our knowledge of local markets with our extensive international banking experience to offer you comprehensive Foreign Exchange services. Our customized solutions can help your business expedite international trade and mitigate currency risks.

Our International services include:

  • Forward Contract—Eliminate currency exchange risk by locking in a single exchange rate for future cash flows.
  • FX Option—More flexible than a Forward Contract, an FX Option provides the right, not an obligation, to exchange currency. Therefore, you protect the downside risk and have all the upside gain.
  • Interest Rate Collar—Lock in both worst-case and best-case rates with the flexibility of setting the Collar as wide or narrow as you desire, oftentimes at zero cost.
  • Participating Forward—This service locks in the worse case rate and retains some portion of the upside in the event of a favorable currency move.

Ask our experienced International specialists about other solutions such as Forward Extras, Cross-Currency Swaps, Spot Contracts, Accumulators, Multi Currency Accounts and more.