Fifth Third Bank

Commercial CardPrint

Tracking, reconciling, and keeping the reins on purchasing, travel and entertainment expenses, and fleet expenses is a complicated and lengthy undertaking. Fifth Third Bank's Commercial Card program can reduce your payables costs, streamline processes, and maximize employee convenience.

As an integrated, one-card solution, Fifth Third Bank's Commercial Card consolidates:

  • Credit card purchasing
  • Travel and entertainment costs
  • Fleet expenses

With Fifth Third Bank's Commercial Card you gain:

  • Greater control over corporate spending
  • Enhanced insight into employee expenses
  • Lower processing costs
  • Improved analysis of expense reports

Plus, expediting payments using a card program gives you the opportunity to negotiate contracts with suppliers. You can optimize your working capital significantly as you extend Days Payable Outstanding (DPO) and pay early or on time.

Because the Commercial Card incorporates all types of purchases and expenses, this program can help you significantly lower your purchasing transaction costs and maximize float and working capital. Our Commercial Card program gives you one monthly invoice for all expenditures and centralized expenditure data—making it easier to obtain expense details, make payments, and reconcile your account.

Subject to credit review and approval.