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Help protect yourself from check and ACH fraud with Fifth Third Bank Positive Pay Services. As technology-savvy criminals continue to gain access to tools to help them produce fraudulent checks and create fraudulent automated debits, Fifth Third Bank has responded by developing best practices to help protect your organization against fraud.

How Check Positive Pay works:

  1. We employ technologically advanced methods for comparing check-paid items against issue information to identify discrepancies.
  2. We report suspect items to you promptly via Fifth Third DirectSM, our Internet portal.
  3. This system helps make sure that only the checks you issue are paid.

You can choose from these Positive Pay variations for added fraud protection:

  • Payee Name Verification helps you mitigate fraud on the check payee line.
  • Perfect Posting Positive Pay helps you mitigate coding errors before items clear your account.
  • Reverse Positive Pay helps you maintain your issue file and reconciliation internally.

How ACH Positive Pay works

Our ACH debit authorization services provide you with the ability to determine who has access and what dollar limit they may post to your account.

  1. We report suspect items through Fifth Third DirectSM.
  2. For each debit transaction posted, customers may choose to:
    • Pay once.
    • Return once.
    • Pay always.
    • Return always.

With all of our Positive Pay solutions, you receive daily email alerts to inform you of potentially suspect checks.