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Discover how Fifth Third Bank's financial solutions can help you operate more efficiently and grow your business. Plus, get the latest news about economic trends, current industry topics, and more from experienced Fifth Third bankers.

Ideas and Advice

The Curious Bank

Senior Bank Executives

The Curious Bank


Listen as our executives talk about the bank and how we embrace curiosity as an organization.

Brian Lamb

Brian Lamb
President, Tampa Bay Region

Fifth Third Bank's Value Proposition


Listen to Brian Lamb, President of the Tampa Bay Region, talk about Fifth Third Bank's Value Proposition.

Chuck Miller

Chuck Miller
Vice President

Doing Business in Canada


Thinking of expanding your business north to Canada? Fifth Third Bank's Chuck Miller discusses some advantages of doing business in Canada and what banks can do to help you navigate the business landscape .

David Roden

David Roden
Vice President

The New Free Trade Agreements


Fifth Third Bank’s David Roden discusses the new Free Trade Agreements that the United States signed with South Korea, Colombia and Panama. See how these can help you diversify your markets and grow your business.

Bob Tull

Bob Tull
Managing Director, FX and Commodities

Understanding Foreign Exchange


Join Fifth Third Bank’s Bob Tull as he takes you through the basics of foreign exchange, and reviews tools to help properly manage currency exposure for your business.

Stephanie Spaccarelli

Stephanie Spaccarelli
Institutional Regional Manager

Helping You Meet Fee Disclosure Requirements for Retirement


Stephanie Spaccarelli and Mark Thaman of Fifth Third Bank’s Retirement Plan Services discuss how Fifth Third is prepared to help retirement plan fiduciaries understand their 401(k) fees and expenses as well as their responsibilities related to the DOL Fee Disclosure regulations.

Kevin Lavender

Kevin Lavender, SVP
Managing Director Healthcare Finance

Our Unique Approach to the Healthcare Industry


Watch Kevin Lavender, SVP & Managing Director of the Healthcare Finance Team as he talks about Fifth Third Bank's dedication and expertise in the field.

Pat Alcox

Pat Alcox, VP
CTM Product Management

Establishing Dual Control


Watch Pat Alcox, Vice President and Director of Payables Solutions discuss how using dual control security procedures can help protect your company's information.

Buddy Baker

Buddy Baker
Vice President, Global Trade Solutions Delivery

Helping you Mitigate Financial Risk with Trading Partners


Where do you begin to review types of payments and payment terms you can use when doing business across border? Join Buddy Baker as he walks you through the most common terms of sale used in international transactions and how they might be used to mitigate risk.

Inside Business Spotlight

Fred Thompson

Inside Business Spotlight


Watch Inside Business's feature on Fifth Third Bank's Remote Currency Manager solution.

Rob Bailey

Rob Bailey, SVP
Healthcare Soultions

Revenue Cycle Solutions


Watch Rob Bailey, Senior Vice President of Treasury Management Healthcare Sales & Solutions, discuss ways you could build cash management strategies that are focused on the revenue cycle.

Mohamed Siraj

Mohamed Siraj, VP
CTM Product Management

Q&A: Dodd-Frank Act and Regulation Q


Watch Mohamed Siraj, Fifth Third Bank's Liquidity Product Manager, as he provides insight on the Dodd-Frank Act and Requlation Q and how it may impact your business.

Bob Tull

Bob Tull, VP
Foreign Exchange & Commodities

Commodity Risk Management


Watch Bob Tull, Managing Director of Fifth Third Bank's Commodity Risk Management team, as he discusses how to operate a more efficient business by helping create price certainty in an uncertain market utilizing commodity risk exposures.

Maria Yamat

Maria Yamat, VP
Capital Strategies Group

Our Commitment to the Corporate Bond Business


Watch Maria Yamat, Managing Director of Fifth Third Bank's Capital Strategies Group, as she discusses the ever-increasing capabilities and experience within our Corporate Bond Business.

Lance Murray

Lance Murray, VP
Director of Security and Risk Services

Partnering to Mitigate Risk


Hear Lance Murray, Vice President and Director of Security & Risk Services, discuss how we are working together with our clients to help mitigate cyber fraud.

Lance Murray

Lance Murray, VP
Director of Security and Risk Services

Browser Based Security Practices


Join Lance Murray, Vice President and Director of Security & Risk Services, as he talks about how you could help combat the evolution of fraud with browser based security measures.

Marybeth McManus Working Capital

Marybeth McManus
Vice President, Commercial Treasury Management

Working Capital Management


Join Marybeth McManus as she discusses a strategic approach to managing working capital through the management of Cash, Accounts Receivable, Inventory and Accounts Payable.

Commercial International Solutions at Fifth Third

Peter Mack
Senior Vice President, International

Commercial International Solutions at Fifth Third


Watch Peter Mack, Director of International Banking as he talks about Fifth Third Bank's commitment to your global financial needs.

Michael Reece

Michael Reece, CFO
Unified Health Services

One Client's Insight


Watch Michael Reece, Chief Financial Officer, as he discusses the relationship between Unified Health Services and Fifth Third Bank, and the value they get from RevLink Premier.

Tom Heiks

Tom Heiks, EVP
Market President of the North Carolina Affiliate

Our Focus on Your Business


Watch Tom Heiks, EVP, Market President of the North Carolina Affiliate, as he speaks to our refined approach to reinforcing client relationships.

Solutions Showcase

Tour our Operations Center

Take a Tour of Our Operations Center


Take a guided tour of Fifth Third Bank's 525,000 square feet Operations Center, home to several operational departments such as retail and wholesale lockbox, the Commercial Support Center, check image processing, and more.

Remote Currency Manager

Improve Cash Flow Management with Remote Currency Manager


Learn how Remote Currency Manager, an end-to-end cash management solution, can help increase working capital, reduce costs, increase employee productivity, and complement your loss prevention strategies.

Electronic Deposit Manager

Optimize Funds Availability with Electronic Deposit Manager


Electronic Deposit Manager (EDM), is a remote deposit solution available through Fifth Third Direct. Discover how EDM can help you capture and deposit your receivables remotely to help expedite access to funds.

RevLink Solutions

Improve Your Revenue Cycle with RevLink Solutions for Healthcare Providers


Automate and consolidate your revenue cycle workflow with RevLink, a web-based solution for medical providers who want to leverage Healthcare Lockbox or Healthcare Electronic Deposit Manager.

Integrated Payables

Achieve Your Days Payable Outstanding Goals with Integrated Payables Solutions


Take greater control over your payments and reduce the risk of fraudulent transactions with Fifth Third Bank's Integrated Payables Solutions.

Integrated Receivables

Reduce Days Sales Outstanding with Integrated Receivables Solutions


Explore how you can improve your cash flow and increase the efficiency of your working capital management with an Integrated Receivables Solution from Fifth Third Bank.

Working Capital Management

Establish an Integrated Approach to Your Working Capital Management


Learn how you can improve cash flow, increase liquidity, and reduce your dependence on short-term debt with Fifth Third Bank's Working Capital Management Solutions.

Buddy Baker

Understanding Commercial Letters of Credit


When doing business across borders, Letters of Credit can be a daunting financial instrument to understand. Join Buddy Baker as he guides you through a step by step process of how a letter of credit works.

Fraud Prevention and Mitigation

Learn about Payment Fraud Prevention and Mitigation


Learn about the latest trends in Payment Fraud and how Fifth Third Bank can help you understand these unseen, yet highly destructive threats and provide recommended best practices to help protect your organization.