Fifth Third Bank

Funds Availability

Your deposits are available as follows:

  • When you make a deposit using non-Fifth Third checks, the first $100 is available immediately. The balance is available the following business day. E.g. If you deposit $500 on Monday, then $100 is available immediately. The remaining $400 is available starting Tuesday (assuming no holidays).
  • As always, cash and Fifth Third Bank checks are available to pay items clearing your account the day of deposit.
  • In some cases, funds you deposit from non-Fifth Third checks may be subject to holds and have delayed availability, in which case you will be notified.
Type of Deposit Availability Today Availability Next Business Day
Fifth Third Checks All All
Non-Fifth Third Checks Up to $100* All

Up to $100 maximum per account for all deposits per business day. Please keep this in mind when depositing checks, accessing funds and making inquiries.