Fifth Third Bank

Manage Your Payees

What is Manage Your Payees?

In Manage Your Payees, you get an at-a-glance view of bill information including payee name, account number, status, and the number of days before a bill is due, which helps you manage your payments better. The Manage Your Payees section also interacts with the Payment Area to initiate payments and provides easy access to e-bill setup and statements, payee information and management, and recent payments.

Saving Payees to the Manage Your Payees

If you are going to make a one-time payment, you can opt to not save the payee.

Reorganizing the Manage Your Payees

The Manage Your Payees list can be sorted by due date or name. The default view sorts payees by due date in ascending order. To change to descending order, just click the Due Date link again. To sort the payees in alphabetical order from A to Z, just click the Name link in the right-corner of the Manage Your Payees section. To change to alphabetical order from Z to A, just click the Name link again.

Deleting a Payee from the Manage Your Payees

You can remove a payee at any time. To delete a Payee from Manage Your Payees, follow the instructions below:

  1. Highlight your payee in the Manage Your Payees and click the Options link.
  2. Click the Delete Payee link and the Delete Payee window appears.
  3. Click Continue, and the payee is deleted from Manage Your Payees list.