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Quicken & QuickBooks FAQs

General Information

Which Fifth Third accounts can I access through Quicken® and QuickBooks®?

Checking, savings and credit accounts. In addition, Trust/Investment Management Accounts (Excluding Irrevocable Trusts) can be accessed via Quicken®.

What is Direct Connect / Direct Services?

Direct Connect / Direct Services is a connection between your personal financial management (PFM) software and Fifth Third Bank that enables you to view account information and conduct transactions directly from Quicken and QuickBooks.

Do I need to have a password? What is my password?

Your username and password are the same ones you use for Fifth Third Internet Banking and Bill Payment. If you have forgotten your username and password, go to Login Help.

Account Setup

I have more than one Fifth Third account, but I only want to manage one account through Quicken or QuickBooks.

You can choose to enter information for only those accounts you wish to integrate with your software. And you can use your PFM software to synchronize data with as many Fifth Third checking, savings and credit accounts you want.

I use Quicken Direct Connect to access my accounts. How do I enable Fifth Third Bill Payment services?

The first time you set up bill payment services, you must deactivate and then reactivate all of your accounts.

  • From the account list under Cash Flow Center, right-click the account name. A drop-down menu will appear.
  • Click Edit Account.
  • A window will appear including several tabs. Click the Online Services tab.
  • Under Transaction Download, click the Deactivate button. The button will change to read Activate.
  • Click on Activate and follow the prompts on the screen.
  • When you reactivate your accounts, Quicken will automatically enable online payment.
  • Repeat these steps for all of your other accounts.

I have my payees set up in Fifth Third Internet Banking and Bill Payment. Is it necessary to re-enter payee information in Quicken and QuickBooks?

No. Any payees set up in Fifth Third Internet Banking and Bill Payment will be updated automatically in Quicken or QuickBooks each time you perform an update. Likewise, any payees you set up in Quicken or QuickBooks will be updated automatically in Fifth Third Internet Banking and Bill Payment when you update your accounts. Note that payee nicknames are not updated between systems.

Using PFM Software

How do I update my accounts in Quicken or QuickBooks?

In Quicken, click One-Step Update. In QuickBooks, choose Online Banking Center from the Banking menu. Select Fifth Third Bank from the financial institution drop-down list. Check the QuickStatement and transaction request(s) you want to send. Click Go Online.

How quickly are my transfers processed when I initiate them through Quicken or QuickBooks?

Transfers are processed immediately after you run an update through Quicken or QuickBooks, during normal business hours.

When does Fifth Third process payments made through Quicken and QuickBooks?

Your bill payments will be paid on their due date, keeping funds in your account until the date the payment is due. This is similar to writing a check, since funds are not deducted from your account until the check is cashed.

The payment will immediately display as sent in the Quicken or QuickBooks register. Fifth Third Internet banking and Bill Payment system will display the payment as pending.

Payments due on Saturday or Sunday or other non-business days will be paid on the preceding business day.

Am I able to cancel a payment in Fifth Third Internet Banking and Bill Payment that I submitted from Quicken or QuickBooks?

Yes. When you cancel a payment in Fifth Third Internet Banking and Bill Payment, it will still display as sent in Quicken or QuickBooks until you run an update with Fifth Third. Once you perform an update, the cancellation status will be noted in the transaction register in Quicken or QuickBooks.

Can I download statement transactions from the Internet Banking system in the QuickBooks IIF format?

A. No. Fifth Third does not support Web Connect download for QuickBooks, but Direct Connect provides statement transaction downloads, along with more advanced features such as bill payment and transfer support.

When I download my Trust/Investment Management Account Holdings, why do some assets show-up in different categories than they do on my statement?

A. Quicken only supports a limited number of asset categories (Stocks, Mutual Funds, Debt, Options and Other) compared to the categories available on your statement. Please contact your Trust Officer with questions regarding a specific holding.

When I download my transaction activity for my Trust/Investment Management account, why do some transactions not appear in Quicken or appear in differently than on my statement?

A. Quicken does not support certain types of transaction such as Cost Basis or Carrying Value Adjustments, so these transactions will not be included in the download. In addition, the transaction categories available in Quicken do not match the transaction categories available on your statement, and Quicken requires special processing for certain transaction types (i.e.: reversal transactions), so transactions may appear differently in Quicken than they do on your statement. Please contact your Trust Officer with questions regarding a specific transaction.

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