Fifth Third Bank

Account Setup for QuickBooks 2010-2012

Please note: Fifth Third Internet Banking only supports the 2010-12 versions of QuickBooks for Mac.

Follow these steps to set up your Fifth Third Bank accounts through your 2010-2012 version of QuickBooks® software. You will only need to follow these steps the first time you set up QuickBooks.

  1. Open QuickBooks on your PC.
  2. Select Banking from the menu bar. Choose Set Up Online Financial Services from the menu.
  3. Select Setup Account for Online Access. A dialog box will appear informing you that QuickBooks must close other windows. Select Yes.
  4. Select the Enable Accounts tab of the Online Banking Setup Interview and select Next. Fifth Third Bank does not require any additional enrollment for QuickBooks. Only an ID and password for Fifth Third Internet Banking are required.
  5. Click the Add Financial Institution button. QuickBooks will connect to the Internet for an updated listing of online financial institutions. A dialog box will appear. Select OK to begin the Internet session. Follow the instructions on the Financial Institution List screen. When prompted, select Fifth Third Bank and Add to QuickBooks.
  6. Click Exit to close the browser window. QuickBooks will now complete an online session to download the Fifth Third Bank Online QuickBooks capabilities.
  7. Select I would like to enter information for my account at. Select Fifth Third Bank from the drop-down list. Click Next to proceed.
  8. When prompted, select Yes. I've received my confirmation letter from Fifth Third Bank. Click Next to proceed.
  9. Enter your Fifth Third Bank Routing Number. This is the nine-digit number that appears at the bottom left of your Fifth Third Bank checks. Enter your Fifth Third Internet Banking ID in the Customer ID field. Click Next to move on.
  10. Refer to the instructions below to enable your accounts in QuickBooks.

Enabling Accounts in QuickBooks 2010-2012

  1. To enable an existing QuickBooks account for online banking, click Use my existing QuickBooks account. Choose the account you want to enable, and then click Next.
  2. Select Create a New QuickBooks account. Choose Bank Account Type from the drop-down list. Fill in the account number. Check the online access and online payment boxes. Click Next.
  3. Enter your Fifth Third Bank account number in the account number field. Select online account access and/or online payment. Select Next to proceed.
  4. Select Yes or No to enable additional accounts for Internet Banking and Bill Payment. If you select Yes, enter the additional account information. Once you have added all your accounts, select No for enabling additional accounts. Click Next to move on.
  5. Read the Service Agreement Information dialog box and select OK.
  6. Click Next to complete the QuickBooks Online Bill Pay setup.
  7. Select Leave to close the QuickBooks Online Bill Pay setup.

Downloading Transactions the First Time

The first time you use online account access, we recommend that you connect just to download transactions. This will enable you to update your register before doing other online tasks. First, you need to make sure your QuickBooks software is up to date.

  1. From the File menu, select Update QuickBooks.
  2. Click the Update button.
  3. On the next screen, click the Get Updates button. When the update is complete, close the window, and then exit and restart QuickBooks.
  4. From the Banking menu, choose Online Banking Center.
  5. Select Fifth Third Bank from the drop-down list.
  6. Make sure each of your requests for a new QuickStatement is checked, and then click Go Online. For subsequent connections, you may want to clear some checkmarks. For example, if you already downloaded a QuickStatment on a particular day, you may want to clear that checkmark if you send online payment or transfer instructions later in the day. For additional security, you may be prompted to change your assigned PIN. Your assigned PIN is the one you use for Fifth Third Bank internet banking services.
  7. Enter the required PIN, and then click OK. You'll connect to the Internet and download the selected QuickStatements.
  8. You can then view your online account balance and your QuickStatements.

Viewing QuickStatements

After you download your transactions, the Items Received area contains a list of items sent to you by Fifth Third Bank.

To see a QuickStatement, select it here, and then click View. The transactions you see will be those that cleared your account at the close of the previous business day.

In the Match Transactions window, you can compare your downloaded transactions to those in your register. For more information about matching transactions, use the How Do I menu or the onscreen Help.

Creating Online Transfers

You can transfer money from one account to another. For QuickBooks transfers to be successful, each account involved in the transfer must be enabled within QuickBooks.

  1. From the Banking menu, choose Transfer Funds.
  2. In the Transfer Funds Between Accounts window, choose an account to transfer funds from and an account to transfer funds to.
  3. Check the Online Funds Transfer checkbox.
  4. Enter the amount to transfer.
  5. Click Save & Close if you want to send only one online transfer or click Save & New if you want to enter another transfer.

Creating Online Payments

You can create online payment instructions in the Write Checks window, the Pay Bills window or an online account register. The following instructions apply to the Pay Bills window. For instructions on creating online payments from other areas of QuickBooks, refer to the onscreen Help.

  1. From the Vendors menu, choose Pay Bills. QuickBooks enters the earliest possible payment delivery date. You can change it to a later date within the next 12 months.
  2. Select Payment Account from the drop-down list.
  3. Select Online Payment for your payment method.
  4. Check the Include Reference Number checkbox to include bill and credit reference numbers on the check voucher (if available).
  5. Place check marks next to the bills you want to pay. You must create a New Bill under Pay Bills before this is possible. Otherwise, there will be no bills in your list to select.
  6. Click Pay & Close to send the payment instructions to the Items to Send list in the Online Banking Center.

Sending Online Transfers and Payments

  1. From the Banking menu, choose Online Banking Center.
  2. Make sure each of the instructions you want to transmit is checked, and then click Send.
  3. Enter the required PIN information, and then click OK. QuickBooks sends your online payment to Fifth Third Bank.

Fifth Third will send your payment on the scheduled day or the next business day. The payee should receive the payment within five business days from the scheduled date.

For More Information, Contact QuickBooks Support and Service:

Technical Support for QuickBooks

Customer Service for QuickBooks