Fifth Third Bank

ATM Access

Change ATM PIN

An ATM PIN is used for ATM and debit card transactions. Follow the guidelines below for changing your ATM PIN:

  • ATM PINs must consist of 4 digits.
  • Do not use birth dates, addresses, phone numbers, etc. that are easily guessed from personal information.
  • Create a unique PIN that you only use with your Fifth Third card.
  • Remember to change your PIN every 30-60 days.
  • Never share your PIN with anyone.

To change your ATM PIN, you will need to provide your current PIN and then enter a new PIN. Click the Save button to complete the process.

Set ATM Preferences

ATM Preferences let you set preferences for your greeting, language, fast cash amount and more. Preferences may not be available on all ATMs. To get started, first select the card you want to set the preferences for from the drop down of choices.

Greeting Preference

You can customize your greeting at the ATM by entering any name up to 40 characters in length. When you visit the ATM, you will be greeted by this name.

If you do not wish to be greeted, you may select that option.

Language Preference

Set your language preference by selecting from the available choices. Fifth Third ATMs will save your preference for future visits.

Your choices are:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Ask me at the ATM each time

Fast Cash Amount

Set your fast cash amount by selecting the amount that you commonly withdraw from the ATM. Choose from the provided amounts or set your own value by entering an amount that is a multiple of $20 in the open field.

Receipt Preference

Save time at the ATM by selecting whether you always want a printed receipt, never want a receipt or wish to be asked each time you visit the ATM.

Your choices are:

  • I always want a printed receipt
  • I never want a printed receipt
  • Ask me at the ATM each time

Balance Display Preference

Choose if you want to view your balance on the ATM screen and printed on your receipt.