Fifth Third Bank

Internet Banking


You can customize your Internet Banking greeting preference by entering your preferred name in the field provided. Your greeting will appear on each page within Internet Banking. Follow the guidelines below for entering your greeting:

  • Enter any name up to 40 characters, including spaces, in the field provided.
  • If you do not wish to be personally greeted, select "Do not personally greet me in Internet Banking."
  • Select the Next button to confirm your changes.

Once you have confirmed and verified your changes, your custom greeting will appear immediately in the top left-hand section of each page within Internet Banking.

Account and Mobile Nicknames

With account and mobile nicknames you can personalize the account names that display in Internet Banking and Mobile Banking for all of your accounts, respectively. Account and mobile nicknames can help you easily track your accounts and can be changed as often as you like.

The Mobile Nickname is an account nickname used specifically for Text Banking, Mobile Web Banking, and the Mobile App. Because there are character limitations on a mobile device, the Mobile Nickname is a short descriptive nickname given for your Fifth Third Accounts.

Mobile Nicknames must be no longer than 8 characters, and no less than 2 characters. Spaces and special characters cannot be used.

Internet Banking

Show/Hide Accounts

Use the Show/Hide Accounts Online feature to select the accounts you wish to see on the My Accounts page each time you log in to Internet Banking or the Mobile channels.

  • The Show/Hide Accounts Online page displays a list of all your accounts including any closed accounts.
  • Select either Show or Hide to indicate which accounts you want to display on the My Accounts page.
  • Select the Next button to confirm your changes.
  • If you have selected to hide all of your accounts, you will be prompted by a pop-up window to verify that you wish to hide all of your accounts. Select OK to proceed to the verification page or Cancel if you wish to make changes.
  • The accounts you have selected to be shown will now be available on the My Accounts page, while the accounts that you have selected to be hidden will no longer display.

Internet Banking