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Possible Issues for Users of Microsoft Internet Explorer

Customers using the Microsoft® Internet Explorer browser have previously been notified of Microsoft article numbers Article ID: Q154621 and Article ID: Q179592. The articles assert that when viewing certain secure Web sites using an IE browser, the Secure Lock indicator may not be displayed on the Internet Explorer status bar.

When entering the Fifth Third Internet Banking and Bill Payment system, a security alert may display erroneously indicating that pages you are about to view are not secure. When presented with this display, click Yes to continue into our secured site. In addition, the Secure Lock indicator may not be displayed on the Internet Explorer status bar. Although the Secure Lock indicator no longer appears on the status bar, the connection is still secure.

Internet Explorer 7 Users: Microsoft recently implemented a security fix for users of Internet Explorer (IE) 7. This update has caused some drop-drown lists in Bill Pay to render incorrectly. If you are using IE 7 and experiencing problems, you have several options from Microsoft to correct the problem and continue using Bill Pay. Learn more about Microsoft’s fixes for this issue.

Site certificate errors when accessing a secure page

If you click the padlock icon to view the certificate when you are connected to a secure site, you may receive the following error message: "This Certificate Has Failed to Verify for All of Its Intended Purposes." This issue affects only the user interface; Internet Explorer still communicates by using the secure connection. Microsoft has identified this problem with certain browser versions; please visit Microsoft's support site resolution in Article ID: Q233479.

As a general website usage matter, Fifth Third Bank recommends that you use Microsoft Internet Explorer browser version 4.01 SP2 or later.

For additional information, please refer to the Microsoft website. Please note Microsoft may require that you first complete an Online Profile form prior to accessing the support articles. Any information you provide to Microsoft Corporation is not required by Fifth Third Bank and may not be used in a manner consistent with the Fifth Third Bank Privacy Policy. Please contact Microsoft Corporation directly to inquire about the privacy of your information.

Checking for Security: To determine the security of a web page, click inside the page with the right mouse button, click Properties on the menu that appears, and then click Certificates. A web page that is on a secure server will display the security information for the specific site in the Certificate information box.

Fifth Third Internet Banking does not display all my accounts

Possible causes:

  • Social Security access is assigned to a closed card or an inactive card.
  • More than one Customer Record File exists within the same Fifth Third affiliate bank.
  • Social Security or Jeanie card access has not been established for the missing account.

Resolution: Contact a Customer Service Professional by calling 1-800-972-3030.

Images of checks, deposit tickets or transaction slips are "currently unavailable."

Possible causes: Images of checks, deposit tickets and transaction slips can take up to 24 hours to post from the time the bank receives the original paper transaction. If you are receiving this message when you click Info, it is likely your check, deposit ticket or withdrawal slip is still being processed.

Resolution: Try accessing your transaction image the following day by clicking Info. If your image is still unavailable, contact a Customer Service Professional by calling 1-800-972-3030.

Check images are not displaying properly

Possible causes:

  • Third-party checks: Fifth Third cannot guarantee proper scanning of checks issued or designed by another company. If you use third-party checks, especially those with watermark decorations, your check data may be obscured in the check image.
  • Colored or "gel" ink: Checks written with gel ink or in any color besides black or dark blue may not scan properly. If you use gel or colored ink, your written data may not be visible in the check image.

Resolution: We recommend account holders use checks issued by Fifth Third or third-party checks without watermarks, dark colors or decorations. We also recommend account holders use black or dark blue ink to write checks. Plain, high-contrast checks written in dark ink create the clearest check images and ensure the highest degree of accuracy.